Thursday, November 17, 2011

New baking pan

Finding studio time this week, while planning Thanksgiving and tending to outside chores has been a challenge. Since my bread supply is low I decided to try a new recipe and the new baking pan. The fruity, nutty, sourdough bread is now wrapped up in a towel and sitting snuggly on a living rooms club chair waiting for the first rise to finish.

Chicken soup was a good choice for this cold, windy, rainy day; and I have leftover stove top rice pudding for dessert, thanks to Joy Tanner's mouth watering post about this recipe the other day.

There's still a bunch of email and snail mail to go through and some lunch waiting;but first, there's a kitty to be fed.


  1. that pan is serene, does it have glaze on it, it looks wonderfully smooth.

  2. It's unglazed stoneware - a Sassafras Superstone Covered Baker. The bread turned out great - nice looking loaf. I can't wait to use again. It's supposed to be good for cooking meats and other things besides breads. I'll have to do a google search and see if I can find some other recipes.

  3. I thought it looked unglazed. I have a pale red unglazed stoneware baker in the shape of a fish and it poaches fish wonderfully, been a while since I've used it. I remember the recipe I used I put some wine, carrots, onion, celery and celery tops and spices and a large fillet and cooked for less than half an hour, boy it was good, these unglazed bakers are wonderful for winter time cooking.