Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visiting an old wood fired soda pot

Been too busy to take more photos, so here's a re-visit of one of my wood fired soda pots.

Experimented with letting Bonnie kitty have the run of the house early this morning. She certainly provided a lot of interest and exercise for our dog Bodhi, as the two of them chased each other almost non stop for about 45 minutes. Fortunately she didn't knock over anything, although she did attempt to use the sofa and one chair as a scratching post, which is why Jim hasn't wanted me to allow her the run of the house. Guess I need to get a water pistol and learn how to aim it! I was able to distract her with the new laser toy. Like the fishing pole with the bird feathers, this one is a big, kitty, winner in the toy department!

After I water the house plants, and get my morning vitamins, I'm going to head for the studio and see if I can find something to do without hurting my chest. I think I might just get the de-airing pugmill working and see if I can get some of the Moon White clay soft enough to throw a few small things.

Dinner is leftovers again so I'l just have to make a salad to go with the chicken thighs, stewed tomatoes, peppers, andouille sausage, etc, and biscuit topped casserole. Jim really liked this recipe so it will go in the permanent file in the favorites recipe box.


  1. Hi June, Jason here, well i should be off myspace permanently now, still waiting for the closing link from them. I do have a question about Card Sharks for Jim? I see u guys eat good stuff and it looks so delicious, so asking during taping breaks did they feed Jim and the rest of the staff there, or did they have to bring their own food?

  2. Jay, I can answer that question. The lunch was always catered for the entire staff.

  3. Oh cool, that was sure nice to not have to worry about what to bring for lunch everyday like I do, lol. Sometimes its sandwiches, and other times its leftovers for the last nights supper.