Monday, November 09, 2009

Studio AKA winter home for some of my tropical plants.

Here are some of my tropical plants. As you can see, some are way too tall to put in the basement. That tall one is an avocado tree. These plants were originally intended to live in a greenhouse I was going to build, and then my sanity returned and reminded me that I don't even have enough time to do all the other things in my life and adding one more at my age was certainly not wise, not even considering the cost of a large greenhouse. I'm looking for someone with a large greenhouse to adopt some of these plants!

Kitty Bonnie aka the alarm clock was very insistent this morning. Fortunately I was already up, just enjoying that morning, twilight time and the warmth of the comforter. By now everyone was awake, including the birthday boy (Jim's 76 today) and Bodhi, who was ready for his morning walk.

Tonight we're going out with our friends Jim and Laura to a Tapas restaurant - Jim's birthday wish. On our birthdays we take each other out for dinner and the birthday person pays and someone else drives.

Yesterday we didn't get to the garden work. A virus alert on my computer and dealing with a my space person who is impersonating Jim, took up all that gardening time. Later I made some Wikepedia changes on his bio. They had his birth date and some other things wrong. It's amazing how some of these days unfold in a way that has nothing to do with my original plans!

We'll get out to the garden for a bit this afternoon and hopefully finish the last phase of the fall cleanup before mulching once we get another sunny day. Between cooking, pet and plant care, garden work, shopping, needing time to heal these torn chest tissues, and all the other little things of daily life, there just hasn't been any time or more importantly, any energy left, for the studio. I'm hoping that I can get in there tomorrow and uncover all those pots and see if they haven't dried too much to slip and decorate.

This morning I need to try to figure out the my space instructions to prove Jim is who he says he is. The first try at the link they provided doesn't work, so this may take a lot of time. We have to make a sign with the my space photo and id, have him hold it, take a photo and send it to them. I think it would just be easier to call a lawyer and have them write myspace to either remove that site or get the person to be a disclaimer at the top of the site saying that they're not the real Jim Perry. Why do people do such things!


  1. because they have nothing better to do and they are idiots. I need to take that off my page i thought it was really him. now that i know i'll take it off right now Thanks for the real info june. You rule!! Get those fakes!!!

  2. If you read some of his messages, he's insulting people, something Jim would never do. Jim has never used a computer in his life. In fact, I opened a Myspace site in Jim's name to try and counteract that phony site. I put a message on that site that this guy is impersonating Jim, and the next day it was gone. It's too weird. The poor guy needs to get a life and not use Jim's to bolster his ego.
    I joined Myspace as:

    And I put up a recent picture of us. Since I don't have a clue how to do anything more on there, I put a note to forward people to this blog if they were interested in our rather ordinary life in retirement.

  3. Well June, Jason here, I have that phoney bum on myspace impersonating Jim as a friend, Im moving to facebook in the next 10 days and well hopefully u will grant my request there, also to i will comment here to give u updates and such on the food critic page. Happy Birthday Jim, you really do look good for 76, it just shows u can age nicely no matter what number u are.

  4. finally drop that jerk who ever he was and i'll try to go on your my space and request it. And tell Jim Happy B-Day. From one camden person to another.

  5. Thanks guys. We have a lawyer from WME contacting My Space. In fact, the lawyer sent a letter to the president of My Space today. He told us to remove the My Space page I created, so I've done that; but the auto response from My Space said they would take a few hours to remove it. So you can tell people, if you would, that if they want to keep up with what Jim and I are doing in retirement, they can check this blog, because, for now, it will be the only place that I will be posting anything about Jim and I other than my Facebook account, which I use only for my business contacts and a few relatives; and mainly post what's going on with my pottery.

  6. Hello there, June. Thanks for sharing your pottery work, which I am very impressed with (I even referred a friend in Hermosa Beach who is just starting pottery to this site, and she was impressed too!) All the best to you, Jim and family (and happy belated birthday to Jim too!). My mom was also born in Camden (Sept 1943) - I was born just a tad east of there off the Atlantic City Expressway in a nice little town called Hammonton.

    Best wishes - Robert

  7. Hey June, Jason here, ok well thats a good idea to keep it down to a mininum of exposure for Jim, since we know what could happen. I will be leaving Myspace in 4 days and well I will be so relived to do all my stuff on facebook. Anytime u want to Join the Food Critic Page ur more than welcome to. Its open to the public and such.