Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michael Cardew pottery teapot

 Here's another re-visited pot - a darling, one person teapot that I purchased from Michael Cardew in the early 80's.

Yesterday I figured a way to save some of my files on my laptop. Using Dos, I was able to access my documents and got a lot of them copied to my stand alone hard drive. It took forever to do with all the typing of those DOS commands, and I still have more to do after breakfast. The new Windows 7 software is due to arrive today, so my day will be split with doing some Thanksgiving veggie prep and cooking and maybe getting on the phone with the Dell Techie to get the new Windows installed.

Fortunately I have leftover mushroom bisque for dinner. Not having to cook will free up that time to deal with the laptop problem.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Very Nice Teapot.

    Windows 7 is good, I have been using it in the business world for over a month now, and havent had too many issues with it. Has a similar look of vista, just runs better....

    Have a Great Turkey Day.....


  3. hope youall had a wondeful thanksgiving, i sure did i'm stuffed like a turkey...LOL

  4. Hello,
    I'm intrigued by the teapot. It doesn't look like any Michael Cardew pot i've seen.The spout,handle, glaze, everything is unusual for him. More like a Mike Dodd or a Richard Batterham.does it have his stamp on it?

  5. Mark, there is no mark on the teapot. It could be one of the potters you mentioned. At the time, there were a few potters working at Michael's pottery. He had a sign up in the sales room showing the potters names and marks; but Michael himself was with me in the showroom, so I wasn't comfortable turning over pots to see the maker. I just bought the pots which appealed to me. Interestingly enough, Michael was impressed with the fact that I didn't search out his pots.
    I did get a couple of other pots - a larger teapot with an incised fish design and small soup type bowl. Those two are marked. The one looks like an MH with the left side of the H missing and up against the M; and a tree like stamp and the other one also has what looks a bit like a tree like stamp followed by what looks like a circle with an s inside.
    In hindsight, I probably should have made a note or taken a picture of the sign with the various makers names and marks.