Monday, November 23, 2009

Thomas Clarkson large ash glazed stoneware jar

Here's another great pot worth re-visiting. This is a large, ash glazed jar by Thomas Clarkson of Charlottesville, Va.

Yesterday was spent on computer woes and cooking. The blue screen laptop problem is still not resolved and I didn't have time to call about it yesterday since I knew it might take a long time and I had an early big roast pork dinner planned.

After breakfast, and plant watering, I'll get on the phone and see if they can remotely access the laptop and find a way in so we can do a CHKDSK /F and get an idea of the problem.

Tonight I'm making salad and mushroom bisque for dinner. After a heavy meat dinner last night, the soup will be a nice change of pace. We'll have the leftover pork another day - probably tomorrow.


  1. That's a great pot and he's a great potter! One of the first pots I ever bought was from Tom in 1980...

  2. Where can Thomas Clarkson Pottery be purchased from.

  3. I'm no sure where he is currently; but he may still by in the Charlottesville, Va area where he was in the late 70's.
    I purchased this pot at a craft fair in N.Y state around that time.

  4. Tom is still in Charlottesville. His work can be seen in Marshall on April 28th at the Madison County Potters Market.