Saturday, November 14, 2009

Braised cabbage in U of Hawaii blue glazed bowl

Here's the braised cabbage,potato,tomato,onion, mirin dish I had the other night. This blue glaze, from the U. of Hawaii, is one I used in the 80's - gorgeous but finicky glaze - needs reduction but not too much, can be prone to pinholing, better on a white body, etc. etc.

Yesterday I got in the studio and threw a mug and small bowl; but even that is sending sharp pains in my chest, so I'm just going to have to be patient with this healing. I'll trim them later and maybe just use my bit of studio time this morning to weigh out a glaze test or two.

It's another gorgeous Indian summer type day, so this afternoon we want to get out and do an hour of garden cleanup before joining friends for an early dinner at the restaurant in town that has switched to a mainly seafood menu. We were there when they opened last week and it was pretty good and inexpensive - a good place to have dinner after a heavy studio day when you just don't feel like cooking or driving a half hour to Spruce Pine.

The Tapas restaurant in Banner Elk was MUCH better last night than Monday. I guess the thing to do is to limit our visits to the weekends when everything is fresher.


  1. I thought it was okonomiyaki at first glance! That's what we had last night.

  2. Don't know what that is Lee, I'll have to look it up.