Sunday, November 08, 2009

No knead sour dough

Here's the no knead sourdough I made the other day. I need to tweak the recipe a bit because, initially the dough was way too wet, probably because my starter is wetter than that of the person who posted the recipe. Fortunately, it tasted great, even though I had to add extra flour later in the process.

Enjoying a totally lazy Sunday, so far. We had bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast which should fortify us for another hour or so of garden clean up this afternoon.

I'm making a roast chicken, mashed potato and fresh garden beans (the last of the season thanks to the Remay covering the plants) dinner tonight. Before we head for the garden I think I'll have Jim take down some of those pots in my studio so I can photograph them for the blog when I can find the time.

Time to put kitty Bonnie Lass out for a few hours. She loves her outside adventures and so far, we haven't had too much trouble getting her back in around dinner time.


  1. my brother nick has a new kitten he fond out side in the rain we all named it butterscotch because of the orange color and we don't know if it's a boy or a girl. but it's so adorable and very playful.

  2. Hi June, Jason here, been a while since I commented, wow u have been busy with baking and the pottery shop looks great. Been looking at some closing credits of Card Sharks on Youtube, and wouldnt u know it last month on the 23rd of October would have been 28 years since Jim's version went off the air, sigh sigh. Also I was on overnights for a week because of someone on vacation, so my body and mind are still not up to par. As for my weight loss, lol, been gaining it back, guess because its getting cooler here now and things been kinda of stressful. So the food critic page on facebook has 14 members and its doing wonderfully, and we hope to keep getting more members and maybe some different reviews, until next time June, take care and say hi to Jim for me.