Sunday, September 22, 2013

Diana Fayt on line course

If you are interested in a 6 week on-line course with Diana Fayt check the link below. Her course is not for beginners but sounds like a great course and deal if you are interested in printing on ceramics, photo transfers, etc. etc.

It seems that there is a future in these types of courses not only for the presenters but the participants, who for financial or other reasons, can't travel far afield for workshops.

As for me - healing is going very well with just a few more weeks of this light duties phase; but this has allowed me to do a huge amount of computer chores. I got the new external hard drive installed on the old Dell laptop and did a backup. I'm also backing up to JustCloud. Got the old Toshiba re-formatted and got this HP laptop backed up. So now I can breathe a bit easier with these dang machines.

I did a huge cleanup of photos and  music on this HP laptop and next I'll do the same on the old Dell, which has not kicked up the blue screen of death the past few days.  Once that job is done I should be ready for some studio time even if it's just to decorate some pots and continue to change some of my storage choices for better efficiency.

In my current, small studio space, I've gone up and under as much as possible, so now I need to free up more space by re-locating some things like buckets of test tiles and extra tools, etc to the house, where I recently found some totally unused space in the guest bathroom and a flat back cupboard. Every little bit helps the cause.

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