Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sven Bayer new wood kiln and pizza followup

Check out Sven Bayer's new wood kiln at the above link. There's also some of his throwing videos on his page . I love shape of the jug that he threw on one of his videos.

Jim is going to an all guy barbecue at our sons place tonight and I'm going to make myself a nice bowl of pasta with a Putanesca sauce.Fortunately, I had a one person serving in the freezer, so my dinner is going to be super easy.

As a followup to my pizza post a couple of days ago - I made a new pizza sauce the other day using all fresh, mostly plum tomatoes, olive, oil,  and added the usual dried and fresh herbs and garlic; but this time I added two, flat anchovy filets along with a good pinch of red pepper flakes. Another addition was cutting a medium onion in half and laying it on the cooking sauce for the whole 30-45 minute cooking time. The onion was removed and discarded when the sauce was finished, but gave a bit more flavor to the sauce. Jim gave the sauce thumbs up (the man loves anchovies!). The amazing thing, though, is you don't taste anchovies, they just give it that extra punch of flavor.

Studio work is still a few weeks away, but the garden produce and computer work is certainly keeping me busy enough until fatigue hits and then I just sit back and watch some mindless TV. Right now I'm watching a wonderful PBS program called "Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine With Lissa Rankin, MD". I cannot recommend this program highly enough, even if you are young and healthy right now, the information may help you in the future, or help people you know and love now. It was truly mind blowing even though I was aware of some of the information she was sharing on the mind body connection.

My stand alone hard drive finally finished formatting (it took over 6 days to format a 3TB drive). Now I have to see if I can do a backup while the old Dell laptop is in safe mode, which seems to be the only place where it doesn't go into the blue screen of death.

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