Sunday, September 15, 2013

Transfer printing on clay

Found the above link while I was searching engobe colors information. Besides Pilcher's engobe recipe, there's a nice page of instruction on transfer printing on clay.

Although I had no plans to do anything in the studio yesterday I actually managed to get in there for a tiny bit to clean out a couple of clay buckets and do some other light cleanup and put some things away. I tried bending over a bucket of glaze to scrape the sides, add water and hand mix a bit but I could feel why the doctor said "no work for 8 weeks", so I wisely decided to just put the lid back on leave the sieving and glazing alone for a while.

I'm getting bored now and I figure this is when I could get myself in trouble, so I'm wisely going to just continue healing as instructed and save my creative efforts for the kitchen for at least another week or two.

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