Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some ball clays on the way out

Jim just helped me move 600 lbs of raw materials. Two days ago I checked Highwater's web site and found a notice saying that after June (they didn't specify what year!), they won't be carrying the following ball clays: OM#4, XX Sagger, and Tennessee #10. So I figured I'd better get several bags of OM#4 and a couple of bags each of the others. If this 70 year old body wasn't as badly worn I'd have bought more! I also bought a small amount of Mini Spar to test as a replacement for the Kona F-4 soda spar that is no longer being mined.

Time to cool down a bit before going back out to sweep up.


  1. Oh no! how will I make terra sig!? I use OM4 and Saggar all the time! Why aren't they carrying it anymore?

  2. I don't know. This year G200 and Kona F4 disappeared and now these balls clays. I saw the post on the web site and it didn't say why, so I don't know if Highwater is just not going to carry them any more or if they are no longer going to be mined. Highwater still has some of all 3 ball clays I mentioned, so you might want to stock up.