Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Juggling the day

My intent was to do a bisque in my little Olympic gas kiln to set the ITC 100 coating this morning, but since the weather report said chance of showers this morning and the sky seemed to agree, I decided to just get the lines attached to the propane tank and test the burners. I was a bit concerned that I may have gotten some of the ITC in the burners when the metal pieces I covered them with moved during the spraying, but they looked fine.

I emailed Olympic to see if I can fit some wheels on the legs and get the kiln off this rickety cart. Their newer, small gas kilns are now on casters and I'm hoping I can get some for an existing kiln. It would make loading and maneuvering a lot easier. Now I have to find some corrugated metal sheeting to protect the burners from the wind.

With the weather changing the days plans, I  decided to get the dried, harvested potatoes off the front porch and get them cleaned and stored, which took about 5 trips us and down to the basement. Then there was weeding to do and before I knew it, it was time to start on dinner. I had enough plum tomatoes to make another batch of sauce for the pasta to go with the leftover eggplant parmesan. Now I'm just going to relax and watch Master Chef followed by Top Chef.


  1. Oh boy, Olympic customer service! I'll be interested to see if they ever help you out, I have had a time with them. Good luck!

  2. I heard from them late yesterday and they recommended I find someone locally to install the casters. Evidently the casters on the newer models are riveted on. So now I have to find someone who can do that, or maybe explore the possibility of just using nuts and bolts to secure them.

  3. OOPS, they're not riveted. They're welded on. I think it would be easier to find someone to do that than to do rivets!