Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cooking day

Thought this was going to be a day of rest for me but I've been cooking instead. There were a lot of ripe plum tomatoes in the garden so I made a double batch of pizza sauce and got that all in the freezer and now I'm making a double batch of Michael Chiarrelo's  marinara sauce. The deer seems to prefer eating my big round, beefsteak and other eating tomatoes and are pretty well leaving the plum tomatoes for us. Next year I'm going to hide those beefsteak tomatoes in the flower beds in front of the house, since the deer avoid coming this close to the house.

I also harvested some pole beans and a large eggplant so I think we're going to be having eggplant parmigiano in another day or two. Our ancient apple tree is dropping apples and I have half a basket full that I haveto use for something. If I have any energy left I'll make an easy apple dessert to go with tonight's pot stickers. Needless to say there was no time or energy for much rest or studio work today.

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  1. June, yesterday I was up in your neck of the woods and while in the car listened to some gardening show a Johnson City radio station. Whoever this guy was said that there is no flavor loss if you pick the tomatoes when about half ripe (read half red) and then let them ripen indoors. You might try one or two and see if you can beat the deer to those maters!