Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Power out, time to make ratatouille

Ground is too wet to garden, power is out in studio (generator only powers the house), so I'm making ratatouille instead, while I wait for the power to resume. There are some porcelain pots that need trimming and handles that I hope I can get to at some point today.

Yesterday I got the results of my MRI. Bottom line is my body is a bit of a mess - large hiatal hernia, a bunch of bulging and arthritic disks (overall major mess in my spine) and a marble sized non cancerous tumor in my left, upper jaw (the probable cause of the droopy eye lid). At least I now know the cause of all that back and neck pain, constant headaches, reflux and droopy eyelid. The good news is that there's nothing that's life threatening - just the results of a well used body, old whiplash injury, and arthritic family history from my maternal side. I'm glad we only took pictures of the upper half of my body. Lord knows what more they could have found in the lower half! LOL

I think it's time I rethink how hard I've been working this obviously well worn body,  which means cutting the garden way down next year and maybe limiting  studio time or at at least make some changes in how and what I make.

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