Sunday, August 29, 2010

Perogi burnout

Yesterday was a day of being deep in potatoes. I spent the entire day making perogis. The freezer is now maxed out. We had boiled perogis for lunch and fried perogis for dinner. I'm not saying I was tired, but last night I slept 8 hrs which is unbelievable for me since a good night's sleep for me is usually 6 hrs! 

So today is going to be a total vegging out day other than cooking and opening the studio and gallery for one out of town visitor coming mid afternoon.

I signed up for the December TRAC tour, so I need to get a soda firing in before then. First thing I need to do is slip and decorate the last small batch of pots and do more throwing. There's enough leftovers in the freezer - everything from gumbo to mushroom bisque, that I'll be able to get in some decent studio time this week.

Tomorrow I'll be making stuffed cabbage-the only meal I'm planning on cooking this week.  I finally found a savoy cabbage big enough for the job. I have a great recipe from an old neighbor in New Jersey which is the best I've ever tasted and I promised our friend Jim, who loves stuffed cabbage, that I'd make it for him. This recipe has an amazingly tasty broth made with tomatoes, white raisins and fresh grapes, instead of the typical heavy, tomato paste type sauce often found in stuffed cabbage recipes. My family was never big on cabbage, so I usually only made it once a year for my own pleasure. I devoured every bit of it while I watched everyone else cutting away the cabbage. :-(

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  1. Wow, have been busy with Fall goodness..
    Food in the freezer IS so handy, and especially the homemade kind..:)
    Have a super pottery week.