Thursday, July 29, 2010

This crazy week

It's been a busy, animal drama filled week with Bonnie kitty getting badly attacked by the feral cat Tommy, needing a couple of visits to the vets for both (stitches, shots for Bonnie), and shots, alteration, for Tommy so he could be put up for adoption. Bonnie finished her antibiotics yesterday and her leg is healing nicely and she can now get some outdoor time.

We had one heck of a storm come through this week and had another lightning show last night, with the possibility of more rain today.

John Britt came over yesterday to check up on the bees and seems the bees are very happy here. The sexy queen has made a LOTS of new bees and there's about 60 lbs or more of honey in there, so John has to expand their living quarters.

The garden harvest and maintenance, cooking and other chores have taken a lot of time between the  animal drama - lots of beans and the last of the blueberries are in the freezer, a crock of pickles is brining away, and a trip of Johnson City, TN resulted in  new, smaller, travel friendly laptop which I've been setting up in my spare time. I figure have another day or two in between other daily chores to get the remaining software installed and documents transferred.

Everything is going at slower pace since my good hip hasn't been acting good at all and neither has my back. My MRI shows deterioration in my spine (not surprising news to me!). So I'll have to wait till my next appointment to see what, if anything can be done other than taking Tylenol and staying away from studio and garden, which I've been told is only making things worse. And, I'm not ready to give up those activities; but I am willing to moderate them.

Needless to say there's been no time for the studio, other than the odd couple of minutes to make some sketches and "to do" notes for when I can get in there. Crazy, busy, week!

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