Monday, July 19, 2010

Cat Jarosz booth

Here's Cat Jarosz's booth at the Asheville craft show this weekend. We treated ourselves to a set of her lovely, extruded, salt and pepper shakers.You can get some better looks at her large body of work at her web page:

After breakfast I'm going to get my cucumbers in the crock for my small batch of pickles. Then I need to get over to Johnson City to see if they have any dill heads, since  no one around here carries them. Some critter ate the ones I planted so next year I need to plant a lot more (maybe in pots next time, or definitely in another, safer spot).  It looks like the peaches will be ripe soon (some are falling off the tree already) so I'm going to be busy with getting those processed. We have a huge crop of very tiny freestone peaches on the one tree, and not so many, but larger ones, on the white peach tree. I see peach pie and peach jam in our future!

I'm limping along with either a pulled groin or my good hip is now going the way of the other one, so I'm staying out of the garden and studio for a couple of days in hopes that I just pulled something and some rest will take care of it. Otherwise it could be that in my near future I'll have a matching titanium right hip to match the left one.

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