Monday, July 19, 2010

Our daughter Erin Perry Kosmic Blue Janis Joplin tribute concert

I think, with friends help, that I finally learned how to get a video to show on the blog. Here's a promo video of our daughter Erin's Kosmic Blues Janis Joplin concert. She's has great reception throughout Europe with this tribute. She also has a couple of other bands, and is a good songwriter to boot. Do I sound like a proud parent!


  1. June, I cannot tell you how wonderful this was to watch. I was not only a fan, but a groupie, who followed Janis like a Deadhead would follow the Grateful Dead. I met her twice and on what would have been her 40th $ 50th birthdays did very successful tribute concerts in Los Angeles. Her music has inspired my own. (Did you know I was a singer/songwriter?) Erin's work is great.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. She loves doing it.And no, I didn't know you were a singer/songwriter!

    There's a video of her on youtube singing "Respect" with a German band Astral Combo . If you move forward to about the 43 mark, you can miss the whole German intro and just hear the song.Here's the link:

  3. You have every right to be PROUD! This was so fun, glad you figured out how to post the video! Loved seeing her, I'm such a fan of Janis.

  4. June, I checked out the video of your daughter & man the young lady has talent. Pretty much spot on doing Janis. Great job.
    I e-mailed Erin & she was nice enough to send back an e-mail. I also brought up Dad in the e-mail as well telling her that big Jim was one of the great underrated hosts of our time. Loved him on Card Sharks & Sale of the Century. Still looks great today, he's certainly aged gracefully & you as well. Be well.

  5. wow... she's great. always loved janis