Saturday, July 03, 2010

The blueberries keep coming

Jim and I picked more berries after watching the woman's Wimbledon final. There were some very annoying, flying and biting critters who were nipping away at me the whole time and not bothering Jim at all.

I've got dinner covered - took meatballs and sauce out of the freezer yesterday, so it will be a pasta comfort meal tonight. Since dinner is covered, I need to get my hand watering done, then get into the studio and see if I have some decorated pots that I can bisque in case they need more pots to fill the new wood kiln at the Energy exchange. I also need to look for some other blueberry recipes. There are way too many to use in a day or two so I'll probably be freezing the majority of them and keeping some for my morning cereal and maybe some for making another batch of muffins or something else.


  1. Those berries look mighty tasty. Lovely bowl too!

  2. Thanks Miri, now I have to find out what I want to do with them.