Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whole wheat loaf

This light whole wheat bread tasted fine; but you sure do get funny shaped loaves with this bread machine. What the heck is that knob on the top of the loaf! LOL

It's been a busy few days dealing dealing with seeds, planting, weeding, and bread baking and no time for studio yet! A whole bunch of old seeds sprouted two days ago and I had to spend the day planting them, and then I wet down another bunch which may begin to sprout in the next 5 days or so.

Yesterday was a gorgeous warm, sunny day, so instead of the studio, I headed to the garden and put down some organic fertilizer on several planting beds, did a bunch of weeding, and unloaded and stacked 14 bags of mushroom compost and manure. Checking the sun, around noon, I realized I had to change my garden plan so those high sun requirement plants were in the right place, so I measured all the beds and make a graph and started on a new companion planting plan for this year. We joined friends for a Tapas/Spanish wine dinner at the Knife and Fork, which was delightful. My favorite tapas was the little steamed clams with sausage and veggies.

Today was the day I planned to plant a few perennials and transplant some cold weather crops but it looks like the rain is going to be here any minute, so I'll be indoor gardening again.

Yesterday Jim picked me up a bunch of replacement grow lights and I need to get them changed out this morning. I'm planning on a simple pasta dinner tonight, so I may even have time for some studio time after lunch, which will be nice.

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