Thursday, March 18, 2010

More seeds planted

 Here's the latest group of planted veggie seeds. Later today or tomorrow, I'll try to get some of the perennial flower seeds planted now that I have most of the early veggies started. The less hardy fruits and veggies will be planted in another couple of weeks or more.

We had a great corned beef and cabbage dinner with friends last night, followed by Irish coffee for dessert, in the living room, while we watched the Three Irish Tenors video (that is when we weren't chatting away). It's the same ritual every St Patrick's day -same meal, with either watching "The Quiet Man", or "The Three Tenors" afterwards.

Some of my seedlings sprouted over night so I've moved that flat to a south facing window in my office - one of the only two non obstructed south facing windows in the house that will get late morning and some  afternoon sun. Yesterday I moved the cabbage, broccoli and other hardy veggies to porch to harden off for a few days before planting. I do so love this time of year!

Looks like it will be a good afternoon to do the rose and some other pruning. I still have another couple of weeks to go on the latest antibiotic for this eye/sinus infection, so I need to don my silly, wide brimmed, hand painted floral designs, lavender, gardening hat so I don't get skin discoloration from this medication.

I'm gearing up to get in the studio Sunday or Monday at the latest. I'm soooooo ready!

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  1. So nice to see black dirt and plant markers! :)..My hairdresser is an avid flower gardner and she told me about this plant yesterday; Cucumber Climbing ornamental (Cucumis Dispaceus).It is fast growing (6'in our season), densely covered with soft fleshy spines, fruit colour is light green and 3" long..ideal for covering fences, lattices etc. sounds interesting so I am going to order some seeds and see what happens. ;)
    I haven't had time to try the bread making yet...but will .:)
    good luck with the clearing up of the eye/sinus infection.. and happy weekend.cheers, Trish