Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day to rest

Each morning I quickly check the peat pots to see if any new seeds sprouted overnight. This morning there were some Opalka, San Marzano, Campbell's and Italian heirloom, tomatoes and artichokes that peeked through overnight, as well as a couple of cippolini onions and leeks. The Bok choi seedlings were early sprouters and now they need to get separated. I'll probably do that after dinner when it will be less stressful for them.

It's damp, cool and windy - a precursor of the rain that's expected, so it looks like I'm going to have another day or to wear my magnetic belt and rest my strained back and catch up with some paperwork.

We just finished a huge breakfast of corned beef hash and eggs and now it's time to read the Sunday papers. We were hoping to watch the finals of the tennis from Palm Springs this afternoon but Charter cable in our area decided to play a woman's softball game instead. Wonder who does their programming schedule over there! On days like this I wish we still had our old satellite dish! We're big tennis fans and we really looking forward to Andy Roddick's final match. I was hoping that Fox sports might stream the match but after checking their web site it doesn't appear that they do that. :-(

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