Friday, March 05, 2010

Mantis tiller - my new toy/tool

The ad said I'd just have to attach the handle. Yeah, right!  I'll try to tackle assembling it later this afternoon.

We finally have  a sunny day with no snow in the forecast and we're expecting temperatures in the high 50's over the weekend, so I'm going to try and tackle pruning the ancient grape vines up the hill Sunday or Monday. I don't think the previous owners ever pruned them.

Last night the possum was back feeding on Tommy, the feral/abandoned cat's food. What was so funny to us was that Tommy was sitting very comfortably about two feet away while the possum ate his dinner. He didn't seem threatened by the possum, but seemed to just be waiting patiently till the possum finished. When I opened the door to scoot the possum away, who by the way, looked at me as if to say "Can't you see that I'm eating here!", timid Tommy ran away. Fortunately he came back this morning for breakfast. Hopefully he's learned not to wait till dark to come back for dinner, because once dark descends, I'm taking the food back in to the house!

Got a bunch of my veggie seedlings separated and transplanted this morning and finally got around to planting some penstemon seeds. The hummingbirds love them!


  1. It looks like a puzzle i'm surprise the insructions are not in

  2. They might be! I haven't opened the manual yet! LOL

  3. Hi June,

    We had a cat that would do the same thing. Seemed happy to share the food. It ended up that we had multiple generations of possum showing up...and this was in the middle of the city of Sugar Land, TX! I got so I wasn't really amused by it. But I suppose that is better than a rat in your kiln.


  4. I once had a rattlesnake in the bottom part of one of the bourry boxes in my wood kiln. That wasn't fun! I think I'd take the rat any day over the rattler!