Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We've arrived

The movers worked like mad men to get the house and studio loaded. It was 9 pm when the last shuttle truck left to take the last load to the giant moving truck that had to park about ten minutes away from our house at our friends property Because of the late hour, they drove both the shuttle and the van back to Arden and planned to unload the shuttle truck this morning. Just when we thought the biggest present from our son's friend (the loan of his private jet to take us and our dog nd cat to Oregon), we got a call from our son telling us that he had planned another surprise for us, but was afraid we'd have a heart attack with the surprise, so he decided to tell us. The surprise was two fold. First, he was going to fy out to Charlotte Monday and meet us at the airport and fly back to Oregon with us; but the other part of the surprise,was that he had arranged for our best friends, Jim and Laura to fly back with us and stay with us a week, at Seans house in Oregon. So here we all are after a wonderful flight of being wined and dined in a private 10 seater jet (I originally thought it was 8 seats. I took a little video and we all took pictures; but I have no idea how to get those here on the blog using an ipad. The computers are no longer connected to modems and my router which are packed and on the truck, so all my email and blogging are going to have to be done on this ipad. The animals fared very well on the trip. Bonnie kitty did especially well, but Bodhi fussed a bit and probably more than he would have had I not been talking to him and feeding him cheese and some of the other goodies we were served. Laura and I decided we were going to start buying lottery tickets and if either one of us wins one of those half a billion dollar lotteries, we're going to buy one of those thirty five million dollar private jets to share with friends and family. It's the least we could do. :-) Well, Sean and our friend Jim have arrived with the ribs and other goodies. Time to leave the quiet of this bedroom, plug in the ipad for recharging and join the rest of the crew. It's been a tiring but great day so far.


  1. You have a very special child! I almost cried when I read this, what a wonderful gift and a great way to make this crazy move a little easier for you. Wishing you the very best in your new life!!!

  2. I'm so glad things are going well!

  3. Growin' Granny4/25/12, 2:16 AM

    I'm mostly a lurker but wanted to tell you that I'm glad your move went well and extend to you a warm Oregon welcome. Congrats on becoming an Oregonism.

  4. good to hear that your move was an exciting event that created many lasting memories!

  5. Todd Schuster4/26/12, 4:36 AM

    June & Jim:Congratulations on the new home & all the best to both of you as you start a new life in Oregon. Sure it's sad to leave North Carolina & meals at the Knife & Fork but I'm sure you'll find some new places & new friends to meet as well. Best wishes.