Friday, April 13, 2012

Down to the wire

There are only a couple more boxes to pack;but I'm at #211 boxes and machinery packed. All the big, heavy equipment is sold, and most of the raw materials and garden tools and machinery have been gifted. The next big thing to do is clean out the freezers and fridge; but I'll wait till early next week to do that, after I've finished packing the last couple of boxes.

Our closing here has been pushed up and the movers are arriving on the 23rd and we fly out on the 24th.

A friend of our son's is generously having his flight crew fly us and our dog and cat to California in his private jet and the following day our son has arranged for a smaller private jet to fly us up to Oregon. It's a very luxurious miracle since I was concerned about them letting our dog on the plane in such a small container.

The planes keep shrinking the seat space and the height and width under the seats and the poor dog would have a 6 hour flight all scrunched up; and that's even if they allowed him! He's in the weight category they allow (11lbs), but the box size they allow would make a super tight and uncomfortable space for that long a flight. Even our cat, although she's not very big, is quite long thanks to some of her Siamese genes.

Our daughter left for the airport two hours ago,after almost ten days of non stop work - not only packing and purging, but also cooking delicious and healthy meals for us. So tonight I'm back to cooking but after an exhausting day it's just going to be a simple steak and potato dinner.


  1. Hoping for an easy trip and a smooth transition.

  2. All the best and hope you will be able to make new pots soon.