Sunday, April 01, 2012

Extruder, clay mixer and pug mill are sold.

A couple of people have emailed me and committed to buying the extruder, clay mixer and pug mill. Thank you guys! It's a great deal for you and saves me the cost of shipping them 3,000 miles! It will also enable me to have a bit more space in my new, much smaller studio!

I've been up since 2am and am running on pure adrenalin; but I got most of my meditation room packed up. I would have finished but I ran out of the right sized boxes. Earlier, I packed and closed a few more boxes of studio tools and some kiln posts. I'm giving away all my heavy brick posts and since interstate moves are based on weight, I'm just taking enough kiln furniture for the electric kiln and the very small Olympic gas kiln.

I'm purging as I go and got a few big garbage bags full of stuff for the dump and the charity shop. Some items are being set aside on the slab roller as freebies for visitors. New items are added daily. Today I added a 20" or so, bat, since I don't see me throwing those huge platters anymore. There are some raku and other videos, plaster slump and drape molds and some more plaster bats.

It's going to be interesting to see how much the truck weight when it pulls out of here in a few weeks.


  1. Woodie Belk4/1/12, 8:35 PM

    I hope you and Jim have a safe (and seamless) move to Oregon. Since your stay in North Carolina, I have grown to have an appreciation with your terrific pottery. I wish you and (especially) Jim a healthy life together up in the Northwest.

    Just as you announce your move, I won't get to see Jim in the mornings on GSN, as they are replacing 'Card Sharks' with 'Password Plus' at 10. Hopefully, they will replay the 1980 celebrity week where he played for charity (when Tom Kennedy took over for Allen Ludden).

    Best wishes, and may God bless your family! Get well soon, Jim!

  2. June, I'm so glad to see a few postings on your blog. The last I saw was concern about J's illness and then nothing for so long. Clearly all is not good, given your forced move, but at least it has been that keeping you occupied rather than something worse.

    I know how much you will miss your large workspace and even more your garden, which you must just have been preparing for spring planting. Perhaps this will be the point at which you make the switch to the cone 6 range you have been preparing with such foresight.

    My continued admiration and best wishes.