Friday, April 06, 2012

kiln shelves for sale

I have some very little used advancers (some have only been in 1 or 2 firings and the rest only 6 firings). They're 12" X 24", and $75 a piece which is less than half of what they were. I can't check current prices because several sites I checked won't list them. Instead they say to call and I'm assuming they have gone up again! These are amazing, light weight, kiln shelves which I no longer have need for since I will only be firing in an electric kiln in the future.

Also for sale, is set of the kiln shelves from my 9 cu ft Skutt electric kiln for sale. They're over $600 new not counting shipping. These were only used in about 8 bisque firings and I'm selling the set, which is in perfect condition, for $300.

These are only for pickup, since our movers arrive on the 25th and I have to have the entire studio and house packed up and ready to go. If you're interested, please email me at:

The soda kiln has been totally dismantled and on its way to a new home with Will Baker and Joy Tanner. This whole move is going so fast, it's downright dizzying. Our daughter Erin flew in from Munich a few days ago and she's been a dynamo with helping me purge and pack. We've already packed #64 boxes and still have about another 25 or more to go, even with all the purging we've been doing.

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  1. Todd Schuster4/7/12, 2:59 PM

    Hi June. Sorry to see you guys move out west after being in North Carolina all these years.
    BUt at least you'll be closer to Sean & family in LA. Nice to hear Erin came in from Deutschland to help you out with the move. All the best to you & big Jim on your move west & hopefully Mr. Card Shark is feeeling better physically after some health issues. all the best.