Friday, April 20, 2012

Checking in

All the boxes are packed with a few still open for the last minute items. We actually have a little breathing time in between the last pre-moving chores in the next 3 days.

One freezer/fridge is empty and cleaned yesterday and the house fridge has been pretty cleared except for the few items we need for the next 3 days.

Yesterday I packed the last of our dishes and most cutlery and we are now down to paper plates, cups, bowls and plastic cutlery.

We actually had time for a lovely dinner out at the Knife and Fork last night with our friend Kelly, so my mad packing and purging pace is paying off these last 3 days with a more relaxed pace.  Time now to make my last minute to do lists and packing list for the plane ride to Oregon.

We are very fortunate to have been loaned a private jet from a dear friend of our son's, so our dog won't have to fit into one of those tiny carriers and be shoved under a seat. The jet sits 8 very comfortably, from what I can see by the photos, and we're the only passengers so there will be plenty of room for our carry on luggage, and animals. The stewardesses husband is a gourmet chef and will send along a lovely lunch. The universe has definitely been giving us many blessings with this move and we are so very grateful!

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  1. Todd Schuster4/20/12, 8:15 PM

    June,I saw the pictures of the new house you guys are moving in & I must say it's beautiful. Oregon's a very pretty state & even though it's sad that you're leaving your friends in the NC mountains, at least the plane ride to LA to see Sean & family will be much shorter. Good luck with the move & best wishes with the house! Hope Jim is feeling well after some health issues & kudos to your daughter for doing yeoman like work with the move. I remember when she produced Pyramid for Dick Clark & now with his passing the game show & music world is a lot poorer. Dick was marvelous as host just like JIm was. All the best!