Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I'm a packing fool.

Taking a wee break after packing all morning. I didn't realize how big my pottery collection was. So far I've filled one dish pack and there's at least two more to go not counting my own pots that will have to get packed.

Fortunately, our daughter arrives from Germany tonight to help me pack and do other help out chores for the next ten days.

The "take down the kiln crew(Will Baker,Joy Tanner and Teresa Piesch)", were here this morning and headed out to have some lunch and unload the bricks and will be back later. They also took a lot of the garden tools that I won't be needing at the new house. Once the kiln is down, they'll start on removing all the bagged raw materials. Our moving quote was pricy enough without hauling a thousand pounds or so of easily replaced raw materials.

The garden is holding it's own and some of the strawberries are already flowering. I picked the first asparagus the other day, but it was a loner. I told Jim they must have sent out a scout to check the weather. :-)

The weathers been conducive for morels but I just don't have the time nor the energy to spare to do that right now. The packing must continue and I just have three weeks to get it all done. Yikes!


  1. June, I'm sure that with the move potting and blogging will have to take another back seat for a while. Until we hear from you again, I want to thank you for all you have shared with us.You have made a huge contribution to soda firing.Best wishes to Jim for improved health and to both of you for a smooth transition.

  2. Good luck with your packing! The weather here is crazy at the moment 20 degrees C to snow the next day, no idea whats going on!