Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our White Christmas

Here are a few shots taken from the front porch and out the front door and our bedroom door. I took a nice hard fall yesterday, walking back from the studio  (don't walk in slippery snow wearing moccasins!), so today I decided to stay inside and enjoy this beautiful snow from a warm, safe place!

Christmas was wonderful and now we're enjoying the leftovers and staying cozy while watching more snow falling. We're expecting another 1-3" today with strong winds this afternoon, which will probably remove the lovely white snow blanketing the tree branches.

I made a few changes on my web site this morning - added my Etsy link and finally got around to entering my new email, at least on the front page. Today will be spent making a few minor changes on the other pages, if I can access them. After that I'd like to hit the books and try to start on a whole new design for the page - new color, new format,etc. It's a good, time consuming job until I can get back to making pots, once this thumb heals.

Hope all who have to travel today have a safe journey home!


  1. It's wonderful to have a white Christmas isn't it! I'm with you, soup, movies and maybe some computer work today!

  2. I love this snow. It's still snowing with even more to come tonight. I'm not sure how much computer work I'll get done since my Internet connection keeps going off (3 times in the last half hour) because of the weather; and I need it to work on my web site and email.
    If I didn't have this cold and cut finger, I might have been tempted to be out there making a little snowman.

  3. Todd Schuster12/26/10, 12:21 PM

    Beautiful scenes June. Looks like a pretty neck of the woods where you guys are. Anyway, despite the cold & all, I hope you & Big Jim enjoyed your Xmas, snow & all. Living north of NYC in the Hudson Valley, we're about to get walloped with a foot or more of snow. Blizzard warnings all over the place for the Northeast. Heck we were overdue for a big one it is winter after all. Good news, at least New Year's is going to be 45-50 melting a lot of this mess. Couple of days of hunkering down with a warm bed & a good book. Enjoy your New Year's both of you.

  4. I saw the projected weather for your area. Seems Massachusetts is going to be even worse.
    We had a great Christmas, thanks. Hope yours was great as well!

  5. Sometimes snow looks magical, like in these photos. Warm food and good company makes it all the better! Enjoy~

  6. I adore looking at the pictures of the beautiful NC mountain snow. It's so relaxing and comforting to look outside the great big glass window and watch the snow falling on a blessed Christmas Day. My little girl (1 1/2 yr. old) loved playing in it. We got about 5 inches of it here in Morganton, NC just before it started melting away.