Saturday, December 18, 2010

Made my first Etsy sale

Here's another wood fired, soda, pot available on my Etsy shop. Love the flashing on this one.

When we arrived home after food shopping and dinner out, I found that I had made my first Etsy sale. It's a start!

Yesterday was a busy day. At home, I was mostly on the computer - spent quite a bit of time reading about Etsy and modifying my listings accordingly. I had planned to re-take some of the photos, but realized that the table I was using needed to be replaced. Because of a bow in the middle it was making some pots look cockeyed. So we headed for Walmart and I got a smaller, 4 foot long, solid table which is going to work much better.

My antivirus software expired yesterday, so that was another long session trying to download it and get it installed, after several error messages. Tonight I need to get it downloaded to my other computers. Hoping those installations will go smoother than the first one!

This morning I have a meeting with friend and super kiln builder Shane Mickey about the possibility of doing some modifications on my kilns size. After that I need to get the new table down to the basement,redo my photo set up and retake some of those Etsy photos.

Today is my 71st birthday and plans for dinner in Asheville have been put off because of the expected snow, so I'll be cooking Chicken Normandy for us and Jim will probably open one of our special chardonnays to go with it.

It's amazing how quickly the days fill up!


  1. Happy Birthday, June! It's my mom's birthday as well. Her 92nd!


  2. Thanks Marian. Wow, 92 how great is that! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. May your Birthday be filled with loving family, fine friends, and great food. May it be blessed one that warms the heart every time you remember it.
    Congratulations on the sale! May there be many more!

  4. Todd Schuster12/18/10, 6:13 PM

    Happy birthday June. Many many more. I love the ceramic Etsy profiled. I hope you had a great day although it's been snowy & cold down your way. Fortunately up here in the NYC area, it's just cold, no snow though. Going to miss this noreaster thank God for that. Happy holidays to you & Mr Card Shark himself BIG JIM!!! Be well.