Thursday, December 16, 2010

Etsy shop is up

I just finished uploading the last of 16 pots I've put up for sale on my new Etsy shop. You can copy and paste the link because, for the life of me I can't figure out how to make it open by just clicking on it. Anyone know how to do this? Or, you can just scroll down below the Etsy bar on the right and click on my name and that will take you to my Etsy shop.

My Etsy shop

I tried to post a good variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but kept it to the more affordable pots for the most part. You'll see that I've only put shipping costs of US and Canada. I did that after reading another Etsy poster who mistakenly posted what she thought was a reasonable fee for shipping a pot to Australia, only to find it cost her $56 to ship the item. Yikes! So if anyone wants something shipped Australia, Europe, the far east, S.America, I'll have to find out just how much that would cost.

At this point I don't know if this will work as a sales venue for me. It's a lot of work and I'm not sure it's not better to just use retail outlets who do all the work, leaving me time to make more pots. We'll see.

On one hand, I thought "what if I don't sell a single pot (it's possible!); and on the other hand, I thought "what if I sold a lot of these pots and have to pack and ship them all. Do I have enough packing material". Ah, the dilemma.


  1. Hi June,
    Congatulations on getting your Etsy shop up and running.
    To make text a link in your blog posts:
    1. Type the text you would like to be a link in the box. ( for example, you could type "June Perry.")
    2. Highlight that text.
    3. In the toolbar at the top of the text box, you will see a button in blue font that says "Link." Click on that.
    4.A box will pop up that says "Edit Link;" in that box you will see a radio button that is labelled "Web address."
    This is where you can type (or paste) the link address that you want to go to.
    To go to your Etsy store, just open your store in a new web page, copy the URL from the browser address, and paste it into the "Web Address" box.
    5. Now you can test the link if you like by clicking on the blue "Test this link" text. A separate window will pop up with your destination site(hopefully)
    in it. IF not, make changes.
    6. When you see that the link is working properly, click the "OK" box in the lower left hand corner.
    7. Now a rectanglular box appears in the text box that says " go to Change Remove."
    If you want to change anything, do it here.
    8. Now click on "publish post" i the bottom corner, and you should have the link in your post.

    I have done a fair amount of work in Paint Shop Pro X2. IS that what you are using?

  2. Thanks Phil, I'll give it a try. I'm using Paint Shop Pro 8, which is working with my Windows 7. I read some reviews on the new one and there seemed to be a lot of complaints, so I figured I'd stay with what I have and wait for the next generation.