Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kiln has wheels

Got the small Olympic gas kiln burner frame over to Mitchell welding yesterday. The newer Olympic models come with wheels but my older one needs a couple of steel plates cut and welded on, so that wheels could be attached.  This morning I got a call saying it was ready, after they said it wouldn't be ready till next week. So, we headed to Spruce Pine after breakfast to pick it up. Big yeah and kudos to Mitchell welding! Now I can get a few of those soda pot re-fired this weekend. 

Since we were already in town  I decided to do most of my Thanksgiving food shopping. Then there was just one more mail pick up stop and home.

The studio time I had planned for today went by the wayside with having to get to Spruce Pine, so I'll take care of some computer work and get some phone ordering done before I have to start on dinner.

I had a peek at the contents of the saved files from the dead desktop early this morning and at first look, it seems like they didn't transfer any files from my photo or music folders, which is what I really wanted to save off that old computer, so I need to search every folder to make sure. If as I suspect, they're not there, I'll need to find out how I can get them off the hard drive in the non working computer,  without paying another $50 to the computer store. Hopefully, I can find some info on Google; or maybe some computer wizard reading this blog can tell me how to do that.


  1. The only thing I can think of without knowing the specific details of the failure, would be to get an external case for the drive so you could plug it in to the USB port of your new PC. But those cost more than the $50 to just have the store do it.
    If they were supposed to rescue those files in the first place, I'd hold them to it and see if they'll waive the $50. Never hurts to ask.

  2. Thanks Brian. I found a suggestion on line that at least got me to the run box (press Ctrl, Esc, and Delete at the same time). Now I'm compressing files and I deleted a couple of programs from C drive which I think were messing the start up. Hopefully I'll be able to find some of my missing files if they're still on the drive.