Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday morning cup eye candy

Some nice work to enjoy at Artcetera gallery cup show.

Another rainy morning, so transplanting may be out for today. Made another trip to the garden center for more compost and potting soil yesterday and the plan was to do some transplanting when I got home; but after unpacking some groceries and unloading those heavy bags and newly purchased plants, and checking the beds,etc.etc.,  it was time for a break before starting some early dinner prep. After dinner it was time to update my garden notes, do my last seedling check and watering, and vegg out for the night with PBS and some Ric Steves and Doc Martin shows.

These days all my time and energy is going to planting two gardens, seedling care and cooking, which is not a bad thing and pretty much typical for me for this time of year.

After breakfast I'll get these cold weather seedlings out from under the grow lights and outdoors under the eaves till I can transplant them; and maybe prep the new box planter I got yesterday. I have so many lettuce volunteers, some of which now have to be re-located before I can plant some of these other things in my raised beds. Other than cooking, email, reading the Sunday papers perusing my newly purchased Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley, and watching some of the tennis tournament at Indian Wells, I'm going to re-charge my battery a bit on this lazy, rainy Sunday and hope tomorrow brings renewed energy and a clearing of the weather for the planting marathon to continue.

Dinner tonight is a plain cheese pizza and margaritas. My dough and sauce are already made, so dinner will be easy.

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