Friday, March 21, 2014

Done Reitz video

This three year old video of Don Reitz, who just passed away, shows him working on a triptych. I just love the spontaneous decorating - spontaneous, yet still with the ability to make those right choices almost instantly.

As for me, still waiting for my bronchia to clear of this upper respiratory crud before even looking at clay. Meantime the seedling care, planting, cooking, and lots of reading are keeping me out of trouble.

This morning after during the usual seedling watering, I planted a bunch more leek seedlings that had sprouted. Not sure what the rest of the day will bring since the weather has gotten a bit cooler. I covered my other raised bed with remay last night since the first potatoes have come up and we were due for temperatures in the high twenties. It's a real juggling act with the vegetable gardening this time of years. Some seedlings are taken out for the day and brought in at night; and other are still doing well under grow lights in the house.

I may just drive over to our sons place and transplant a few more things in their vegetable garden. First I have to check the weather report to make sure it's not going down to freezing again. My supply of remay is down to the last sheet, so I can cover whatever I plant if a freeze is in the forecast. I just need to feel perky enough by mid afternoon, when the temperature is as high as it will get for the day, to get over there and plant. Yesterday at that time I nodded off and didn't wake up till 6 o'clock. Guess the universe decided I needed that more than planting time.

Time now to think about breakfast. It's corned beef hash this morning.

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  1. June, just watched the video, and then found one from 2012 of him doing a much larger piece. Video 15 minutes long and accompanied by Willie and Wylon music. The man was so creative, you can feel him putting his spirit into the work. Fascinating!