Thursday, March 06, 2014

Rain and worms in the pool kind of a day

After several intense, laborious days in our son and daughter-in-laws garden as well as my own, the universe decided I should have a lazy day by bringing in an all day rain. I can't say that it isn't welcome other than, perhaps, the fact that this rain may wash away a row of newly planted carrots seeds.

Today was to be an easier day for seedling care and planting some of the newly sprouted beet and leeks seeds in my raised beds, and dealing with a lot of catalogs and magazines that have been piling up while my focus has been on doing my imitation of an urban farmer in between the usual cooking, shopping and other household and life chores.

I must say, I don't feel one iota of guilt sitting here in bed in my lounging jammies and shopping on line for unglamorous things like vitamins, a new hose nozzle, a meat pounder and a set of 9 measuring spoons. The shopping spree, may continue since I have a few more garden catalogs to go through. I see the King Arthur flour catalog has a recipe for sourdough pretzels which is very tempting after a light breakfast of banana bread, and a planned, kale smoothie for lunch to offset the calories to come, in tonight's experimental pizza.

Hoping to get a bit more flavor in my New York style pizza dough recipe, I decided to add some freshly fed sourdough starter to it, and lower some of  water in my original recipe, to balance, it; but the consistency after partial kneading wasn't as tacky as I wanted so I started adding water till it felt a bit better, but not as wet a dough as my regular recipe.. Now, if it come out great, I have no idea of how much water I added, after the initial mixing; but I did redo the recipe last night and if this batch is a miss, I can try that one next.

Meantime it looks like the rain may have let up. Time to rescue the worms that are now swimming in the bottom of the pool. I don't know if this is the group I saved two days ago and put in the raised beds, or new visitors. Just what I wasn't looking forward to on this lazy, resting day - worm, lifeguard duty. False alarm, rain continues, so the worms are on their own. Could this be a version of worm suicide - like lemmings jumping off of cliffs? Inquiring minds need to know; or did they really think they could do a back dive off the edge of the pool and find their way back up. Guess they never bothered to notice we don't have a pool ladder.


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