Monday, December 05, 2011

Pizza and margaritas after a studio day

Got a head start on batching soda and glaze tests and threw more porcelain test tiles. Tomorrow I'll smooth them out and apply the slips and glazes I made today. Between today and tomorrow day I should have about 28 new test tiles to add to some already made.There are more to make in the next several days - definitely a week of marathon weighing, mixing and dipping.

The first gas, cone 6 soda firing didn't result in usable flashing slips, so I'm re-doing some of them with added neph sy, and some with both extra neph sy and a bit of borax. They also didn't get enough body or later reduction in that firing which could may have affected the color and surface. Hopefully the extra fluxes will makes one of more of them useable at cone 6 and the natural reduction in the Energy Exchange wood pallet kiln may give rich color in the flashing slips and even more fluxing of the iron in them and some of the clay bodies.

Time to kick back for the night, play with kitty and finish watching A Christmas Carol.


  1. Hi june......I found you over on Peter's Potter.....It was the pizza that got me. I'm enjoying reading past posts. Drop by if you want.

  2. Oh June,
    :) Why must you tempt poor college students with pictures of such delicious food? I enjoy reading your blogs so much and I can't wait to read more in the future.