Monday, December 26, 2011

Day after making merry and firing day

Moving slowly after all the holiday merry making and too much rich food. Friend John Britt said he'd be lighting the kiln around 8am this morning, so at some point I'll be heading over to his studio with this soda mix and my fancy, battery charged sprayer.

I dragged myself into the studio to weigh out the soda mixture, and make sure both battery packs for the sprayer were plugged in, before my first cup of tea. Until I hear from John about when my presence is needed, I'm going to just vegg out and catch up on a lot of correspondence and get my own battery recharged.

Hope all who celebrate had a great Christmas and a great Hanukkah!

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  1. Todd Schuster12/26/11, 10:38 AM

    June & Jim & family:Hope your Xmas was a good one. Now get ready for New Year's 2012. Wishing you both good health for the New Year & as Woody said on the prior blog, lots of deuces & aces & stay way from 7's 8's & 9's. Enjoy. (sorry for the Card Sharks reference but I couldn't resist).