Sunday, December 04, 2011

Cone 6 soda/wood project back on the calendar

This morning I heard from John Britt to say our cone 6 wood/soda test firing is on again at the Energy Exchange, so I need to stop working on these cone 10 soda pots, and focus on getting more cone 6 glazes batched and on to tiles in the next ten days. Fortunately I have a lot of Cone 6 test tiles already bisqued, and some tests already weighed out; but I want to make the most of this test firing and have a lot more tests ready to go since there will only be test tiles in this firing.

This morning I got a loaf of oatmeal bread started (the bread machine comes in real handy on busy days), then tidied up the gallery and studio. I had to move some of the finished South American pepper plants outside, which had been taking up studio space until the peppers ripened. I hadn't planned that job for today, but one of my customers called about coming over, so it was a good opportunity to get those jobs done.

I spent today's spare time going through some of my glaze notebooks and finding more likely cone 6 glazes and flashing slips for testing. I'll go through a couple of more glaze books tonight and early tomorrow; but I already have a pretty big stack of test sheets written out to get me started right after breakfast tomorrow.

After that, I started on dinner - a new Malaysian shrimp,green bean, shallot, hot pepper,coconut milk, shrimp paste peanut sauce dish. I'll make that one again and maybe try it with chicken next time. I also found time to do some on line Thai grocery shopping so I can continue exploring more recipes in this South East Asian cookbook. I like these recipes, because, although they have a lot prep time, I can do that earlier in the day and the actual stir fry cooking time at the end of the day, when I'm tired, is only a couple of minutes.

It was a good and busy day; but I'm ready to relax with my glaze books for another hour with some TV in the background.

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