Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baking day yesterday, seed planting today

Here are the 2 loaves of no knead bread I baked yesterday. It seems that most of my day was spent in the kitchen. I made a couple of pizzas for our Friday night, porch sitting with our friends Jim and Laura. It's the first Friday in about 6 weeks that we've been able to do it.

Jim fared well with the visit but this morning he's a bit achy from the fractured sacrum.

The robins have arrived, so spring is in the air even though the weather is still hanging on to winter. Even in this cold, some perennials and bulbs are starting to peek through.

I've been planting seeds this morning - Genovese basil, Italian parsley, 2 types of spinach,  artichokes (which have to be in the fridge for 2 weeks), and a bit more Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage. After lunch I'll plant another savoy cabbage variety "Chieftain". My kitchen greenhouse window is almost filled to the brim and same for the grow lights in the basement. I wish I had more south facing windows in the house. I may have to clear my studio desk and put seedling on it once I've used up all the house space.

Today or tomorrow I'll need to transplant some of my Broccoli Raab and cabbage seedlings. The first crop of mixed lettuce seedlings are doing well, so far, in the basement. One of my over wintering geraniums is actually flowering under the grow lights!


  1. wow the bread looks very good. As for spring that ground hog is going

  2. Good Sunday to you, June..ahh the thought of being able to plant something..:) --long way from that here...stilllll.
    I am wondering if you would share your 'no knead' bread recipe..those loaves look so great! I would like to try.
    thank you!.Have a great day

  3. good day June.ahhh the thought of planting seeds..and spring.:).too early to do that here, even for the kitchen window.
    The bread looks great!. Are you willing to share the recipe? I would like to try. (I am thinking that you posted a picture a while ago, and maybe I asked you then too. ..?? geez, sorry if I am duplicating..toooo much on my mind :))...
    Anyways, the sun is shining here in Alberta today..after all the days of fog we have had this winter, it is lovely.
    have a great afternoon.