Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another no knead bread

Here's a no knead bread from a couple of days ago. I've been doing a longer rise (15 hr proofing, plus 2 more hours for the second rise). This is Jim's favorite so far, so it's the one I bake regularly. Hopefully I'll find some more good recipes in my new Bread Machine cookbook. It has 300 recipes so there have to be some treasures in there!

Today is my shopping day. I'll wait till this afternoon to make sure the roads aren't icy since I have a 25 minute drive to get to a large grocery store.

We've got a few days of bad weather coming in two days, so I'm going to do some stocking up on some groceries and other things. Jim suggested I should just bring home some take out Chinese food - good idea! After a big shopping day, by the time I get home, put away groceries, feed kitty, etc. I don't think I'd feel like cooking.

I didn't make the cinnamon raisin bread last night  because the bread machine recipe I have calls for powdered milk, which I don't have and neither does out small, in town, grocery store.. That's one more thing to add to my already very long,  grocery list.


  1. hi june, did you get the new Gurney's seed catalog and henry field's seed and nursery?

  2. They're here. I think I have just about every seed and plant catalog around! I've ordered from both Gurney's and Henry Fields; but in recent years I've been disappointed in Gurney's. I like Spring Hill Nursery for mail order plants. They seem to be the most careful about packing and sending decent looking plants. I order seeds from various catalogs. I just sent in my first seed order with Cooks; but still haven't gotten around to peruse the other catalogs. I've just been too busy taking care of Jim, the animals, the house and cooking.

  3. once a year in philly we a flower show i might try to go this year.