Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Things are moving fast

We just decided to move a couple of days ago and I been busying, measuring and calling people. I have an appointment with the mover tomorrow morning, who said he could move us on the 25th, met with the yard man yesterday who is cleaning up the property (a gift from our generous son and daughter-in-law), as well as the handyman. The painters picked up the paint samples and will start painting Saturday afternoon.

The handyman will start on some things tomorrow; and this afternoon I have to measure that basement so I can make a plan for placing studio equipment and the our other fridge and freezer. I'm also meeting with the contractor about using an existing space for a combo powder room/laundry room, and someone is coming at the same time to remove the working washer and dryer and fridge because I have newer ones that will be going in those spaces.

Jim's physiotherapist left a while ago and while he was here I managed to get two boxes of bisque ware packed. The plan is for me to get a lot of those delicate pots, painting and mirrors moved myself in the next eleven days before the move.

Yesterday I found out that contrary to what our 6ft 5 son said about the basement height, it will work for me. It's a few inches taller than me. So all my pottery and soaping things, other than the gas kiln, should fit down there. I didn't see a sink, so I will have to put one in.

Tomorrow there will be a clean up crew there for the yard. There's some heavy tree and shrub and rose pruning to do as well as a lot of under brush to clear out of the part of the yard I'm calling the secret garden. That is where my veggies will get planted. It gets eastern, some southern and western sun, and after the heavy pruning I think I'll be able to grow just about anything I want  there. The back of the garage that helps create the secret garden will be a perfect place for clematis and honesuckle vines.

I'm taking all my potted plants with me, and most of those will get in the ground in the next couple of months. The secret garden idea has been on my bucket list for ages, along with a koi pond. I want to get a nice arbor as the entrance to the secret garden. there's already a short, wooden fence there, that needs work. I haven't looked too closely about how much work it needs. If it's a lot, I'll replace it with a bit higher one and plant some rambling roses next to it which can happily cascade over it. I'm excited about getting my hands in the garden and know it's a challenge, so I'll just have to do a section at a time. Patience and planning will be the key.


  1. Wishing you good luck and frequent massages through all of this.

  2. JUNE! I'm worn out just reading this! What is your secret for endless energy anyway!?
    I'm throwing out and selling and giving away all I can in preparation for moving hopefully by the end of the summer. I'm making notes here :-)

  3. I have no idea Tracey. I eat well and keep a positive attitude and take a lot of vitamins - really a lot!
    You are so very wise to start clearing out now, in preparation for the move! We are moving into a house that's less than half the size of the one we're in, so we are going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff; but everyone who sees our little cottage says it looks larger than the square footage would indicate. Finding out that there is a place for studio, even is pretty primitive and not usable in winter unless I made some big changes to is, is still a plus I wasn't expecting. If you have a lot of clothes go through them and give away or throw out what you haven't worn for a year. Our new house is almost 100 years old and the closets are minimal, so I am going to have to be merciless when getting rid of clothes. I have a big dresser for myself now with 8 good sized drawer and the new house has a built in with only about 4 small drawers. My nighties would fill those, and I have to share with Jim, so I will be purging, and then purging some more! Same thing goes with pots and pan and other kitchen stuff. How many colanders does one person need, or how many frying pans. I have far too many of both! LOL I'm also going to be getting rid of a lot of my books, but may not be able to do that until we're in the house. There' s bookstore I've sold books to several times in town so that will happen as I unpack. I'll just had some empty boxes there and put the ones I don't want to keep in them and then head for the bookstore. I'll do the same with my pottery stuff. I have boxes of cones I'll probably never use, like cone 022 etc. And how many of the same trim tools does one need! It will be a winter of going through that stuff and then looking form some local young kids who could use them.

  4. Wow! You are moving fast. We closed on our house a month ago and still have not moved in.