Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Still waiting

Just got an email from Olympic kilns that the baso valve and thermcouple I ordered about a week ago were just shipped and wont' be here till the 9th. And since I'll have to get a plumber out here to work on the kiln plumbing that's frozen, it will be a while before I can get this little soda kiln fired. Guess it's another good opportunity to practice patience - not my strong suit!

It's probably just as well (trying to see the glass half full), since I'm needing to spend a lot more time in the kitchen processing all these veggies for the freezer. This morning I'll be making another batch of pesto sauce and after lunch I think I'll skip the creme brulee and make an apple crisp since there's no room in the fridge for these ripe apples!

The rest of the day will be for more cooking and working on some glaze chemistry to see if I can re-formulate some cone 10 soda glazes to cone 6-7. It's a good job to do while half watching the U.S. Open tennis.


  1. do you use a seal-a-meal for your frozen veges ?

  2. No Linda. I had one but frankly, it was a pain - sometimes didn't work right, particularly if there was any liquid in the bag, and I had to re-do it and it took up much needed counter space. So I gave it to my friend Laura who gave it to her daughter and I now just use the straw method which works just as well. I put the veggies in a zip loc bag and close it about 95% of the way, with a large straw inserted in the small opening, then suck out the air till it looks like it would with the machine, then quickly remove the straw, while at the same time closing the small opening. It works just as well as the machine once you get the hang of it.

  3. Oh June,what a hoot, my Aunt Joan, long since passed away, used that same technique and I remember laughing at her when I was a kid while she was sucking the air out of all the vegetables she was freezing. Ha.