Monday, September 22, 2014

Clay of the gods

I'd love to get my hands on some of that local, Turkish clay that he's using. I'm a bit doubtful that he and the other potters at this pottery could do that with any of our over processed, commercial clay bodies; but I could very well be wrong.

After morning house and garden chores, I changed focus to electronic chores, and solved the problem and got my iPod touch to send emails. First I had to fool it by typing in a wrong email address, which was the only way to get the screen to pop up and give me the option of either IMAP or POP. I never would have figured that out for myself, but Googling the problem, finally, turned up this solution. Thank goodness for all those computer geniuses out there in cyber land.
Next job was to read the booklet on the new dvd/vcr player recorder, so I could test dubbing. Unfortunately, it turns out that it won't work with the current HDMI cable setup. It has to use the conventional cables that came with the unit, and of course, it says that you also need an  RCA component cable that doesn't come with the unit. So I'll have to put that chore off till I can either buy one of those or see if I have one in my huge pile old old computer and boom box cables and connectors. TIme to head to the office and dig through all those old cables. Maybe I'll get lucky this time.


  1. The only clay I've ever thrown that even approaches that was Aardvark's OLD Long Beach red. It had sand from the real Long Beach in it. My understanding is that the State finally said no. Here in MN Warren MacKenzie used to use sand from what is now a fracking sand pit. Hmmmm, the common thread is that this sand has been tumbled until all the sharp corners are off. The Aardvark could be flattened out to a disc collared back in, you could do almost anything with it.

  2. Never used that clay. When I lived in Southern California I used Rod's Bod, Amador and Danish white. Tried some others, but those were the ones I mainly used in the late 70's through the 80's Hope Warren isn't delving into that pit any more!