Friday, December 11, 2015

Life can change so fast

I should be dealing with the huge pile of paperwork waiting for my attention; but needed a break and thought I'd visit my blog and read some of the blogs on my blog roll; and I'm glad I did. It was like visiting friends I hadn't seen for a while.

My husband Jim passed away three weeks ago, after a five year bout with cancer, and life right now seems so empty other than all the necessary busyness I have to deal with. We were in the middle of remodeling the kitchen, which desperately needed better working, modern cabinets, and were both looking forward to it's completion. I so hoped that Jim could make it to see the end result; but that wasn't to be.

We were here two months when Jim had to be placed under hospice care at home and at that point, his care was my top priority and it took most of my time and energy.

Our children were and are my rock during this journey. They've gone back to their lives and their families now, and I need to learn how to live without the man I have loved so deeply for over fifty six years. At the moment I have so very much to do that is both overwhelming as well as  a blessing. I trust that eventually I will get all this paperwork done, phone calls made, get the house unpacked and organized and eventually make choices about what direction I want my life to take when all of that is done.

Monday the cabinet people come back to finish the cabinets and counter top installation. Then I'll have the job of completing the filling of the cabinets, and finish the unpacking I haven't been able to do the past few months.

With Jim's health deteriorating so rapidly right before we moved here this summer, I didn't have time to get the house settled. The garage is filled to the max with antique furniture I need to sell, as well as some pottery equipment that's too big to fit in the tiny basement space I can allot to pottery making. The large Bailey slab roller and table will have to go and so will the larger cone 10 Skutt kiln, as well as my ware cart that is too tall to fit into a hundred year old, low ceiling basement. At this piont, I'm not even sure if I will go back to making pots, or at least making them and firing them at home.

There is a studio/gallery here in town that has rental space, and gas kilns, etc, so I may just save my wheel and pugmill, throw at home and fire pots there until I can figure out if I want to set up a studio in my small, low, unheated basement. If I do get another electric kiln it will be a much smaller, front loading one that I can fire more frequently. It doesn't seem likely it can fit in the basement so it will have to go in the workshop section of the garage. I'll have to explore all these options this spring or summer.

Once I get all this banking and other paperwork organized, I need to clear out that garage of the furniture and pottery equipment that needs selling, so I can get my car in there. The next few months are going to be spent thinning out everything!


  1. Dear June, heartfelt condolences at the loss of your beloved Jim. Your long absence from your blog did give me pause to wonder if either of you were suffering, so thank you for making the effort to write at this difficult time.

    Grieving takes time: give yourself a couple of years. I'm not sure the pain is ever less, just that you learn to handle it, even for someone as equanimous as you. May there also be many blessings.

  2. Wishing you well, left foot, right foot, repeat.

  3. I always come to my blog first thing in the morning to read and catch up with everyone. I am so glad you posted, I have thought about you and wondered how you were. I made a batch of soap the other day and you came to mind.
    I am so sorry to read your news of Jim's passing. There are really no words to comfort someone's sorrow at a time like this, but I will keep you in my prayers. Stay busy, stay creative and the sadness will ease a bit. I don't know that it ever goes away, it just gets more manageable. I hope your new journey will take you to exciting places. xoxo

  4. I was so very sorry to read of Jim's death on your Facebook posting. This is the hardest time, after everybody has gone home and you are dealing with being alone in addition to reordering your life.
    I believe that the death of a loved one is like learning to live with a traumatic injury. Your life will continue, but it will be different. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time. The first year is the hardest.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss, June. Your post caused me a few tears. 56 years of sharing your life with your love is something to cherish. I wish you strength and courage in the coming months as you make your way thru your loss and chart a new course.

  6. Glad to see you back on the blog. Love you.

  7. Todd Schuster12/12/15, 2:06 PM

    Hi June. I cannot tell you how sorry I am regarding the loss of Big Jim. One of the genre's underrated great hosts, he should be mentioned in the same breath as Bill Cullen, Bob Barker, Gene Rayburn, Wink and others. I did not know he was that sick for the past 5 years. I e-mailed Erin and sent Sean a Facebook message, now I am sending you one. I cannot thank him enough for the wonderful entertainment he provided over the years on Card Sharks and later Sale of the Century. Today's hosts could learn a lesson on how to act, with class. It's tough when you lose your soulmate for 56 years, but I know he would want you to continue going on with life. He would not want it any other way. All my love and best to Erin & Sean. Rest in Peace Jim.

  8. I will pray for you right now. Pray for peace in your heart.

  9. My deepest condolences in your loss. Jim took a nothing day and made it seem worthwhile. He was quite a presence on Canadian TV back in the day, and made his mark in America, too. We lost an underrated talent, and apparently a nice man. RIP Jim Perry 1933-2015.

  10. Hi Tunisia Tucker here. As a big fan of your late husband Jim, I would like to send my deep condolences to you and your family. R.I.P. Jim Perry ♡

  11. So sorry to hear about Jim's passing. I grew up watching Jim on TV, and was so surprised to learn that, for a brief while, you were practically "neighbors" to me - I live near Johnson City, TN. I hope you are able to find peace and comfort through the coming days and months.

  12. Grew up watching and learning from Jim's game shows and just heard of his passing. Never knew he was a fellow Penn alum as well. My thoughts and condolences to you and your family and thank you for sharing Jim's talents with the world - he touched more lives along the way than one can count - RIP sir!

  13. I was Associate Producer on Sale of the Century and was so very sad to learn of Jim's passing. My thoughts go out to you and I pray you will adjust to your new life without him, knowing that he is indeed watching over you.

    1. Thank you Janet for your lovely and comforting thoughts!

      Warmest regards,