Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Touching base

Here's my first cold process soap. Soaping is currently my creative outlet out of necessity and choice as well. I created the base recipe; and this soap was made just for guys in the family and a few friends. I was my first swirl recipe. Next time I'm going to add a piece of dowel to my coat hanger which I used to make this swirl design. That should give me a bit more spacing of the swirled colors.

Next on my list will be a lavender soap, which II'll be making as soon as my wire cheese/soap cutter arrives. Cutting with the old miter box didn't work , nor did the free hand cutting, even though I measure well.

After a merry mix up between doctors offices, the surgeon finally go  my Xrays last Thursday.. I called yesterday and they're still analyzing them. I think it's more that they're down the line in the work load!

Our son and daughter-in-law were here with a group of friends who all flew up from L.A. to celebrate our son  Sean's 50th birthday. It was one big celebration over a long weekend. Sean pulled out the best from his wine cellar to share (some incredible, serious collector Bordeaux's ).. We ate and drank incredibly well - too well!

Besides indulging in great food and wine and celebrations this past week, I've also been working on more soap recipes, ordering supplies, getting everything catalogued, moving  my soap making from studio/garage to the kitchen which necessitated re-arranging some kitchen cupboards.

My friend Kay who got me into playing Bunco with some of the ladies of our Eagle Point Women's club, now has gotten me into Mah Jong. I've had my first and am studying a little every day. I even ordered my own Mah Jong set. There's a lot to learn . Seems that after 5 years one is still considered a beginner, so I think this will be a good exercise for these aging brain cells.

This is a new phase for me, and a big change from my preferred  "nesty" way of living and working. But after two and a half years of pining away for my North Carolina friends and lifestyle, it was time to find some outside activities and get  to know, and play with some of these lovely and interesting women.


  1. Great looking soap, I never got to the swirl experiments, my soaping enthusiasm waned pretty quickly:-) I will continue to make soap for us but in less creative ways, just simple soap....
    It took me forever to get out and meet people when we moved to Chapel Hill, but those I finally met are still my friends today. Just think more folks to make pottery and soap for!

  2. Soap that looks like chocolate marshmallow cake! What more could a boy want?

  3. I love reading your blog! When I fist saw your new soaps I thought you had taken up making fancy holiday sweets. They look good enough to eat!

  4. Tracey, I think my soap making is also going to be just for friends and family. I don't need a new career at this time of life! LOL
    I love learning new things and soap making is definitely a thing that needs a lot of learning and practice! I have one or two more soaps to make in the next couple of weeks - a lavender, an oatmeal, and one with some peachy colors and a mango papaya scent which smells outrageously delicious! There are a few more swirl techniques to try with those (drop swirl, spoon swirl and in the pot swirl)
    I think you new job is providing you with lots of creative opportunities. It seems like a perfect fit for you and your employer. Are you doing any pottery again?

  5. Thanks for all your comments. It really does look like dessert - more so in person, actually!