Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Suds and mud

Here's my first Cold  Process soap which is now in the curing stage for about a month. It's my own recipe (I've spent a lot of time the past few weeks studying the chemistry of soap making and I'm hooked!). The rose clay made it paler than I hoped and found out after the fact that the titanium dioxide I put in it tones down color. Always something new to learn.

The mangled bar on the far right was my impetuous self, forcing it out of the mold while it was still too soft after 48 hrs in the mold. Found out later that sticking the mold in the freezer for a half an hour to an hour, will make them pop out easily. It did it for 45 minutes and out they came with just a bit of gently pressure. I had a lot of soft oils in my recipe, because I wanted a recipe that would be slow to trace so I could have plenty of time to mix various colorants to do some more complex swirl techniques.

These smell great thanks to the Nag Champa fragrance oil I used. Some of these oils are amazing. I got a couple of new ones today -  Egyptian Musk (for soaps for the guys; but frankly, I think it's really a unisex scent. I cannot tell you how much I love this scent!  There were two other fragrance oils in this order - Blackberry Vanilla and Pomegranate - both, smelled good enough to eat. I also got cupcake soap molds which are for down the line when I have a lot more soap making experience under my belt.

Today was for cooking and some early tree decorating. I know, I know. It's early, but we had to have the handyman in yesterday to get all those heavy and bulky boxes of  lights and Christmas decorations down from the garage  rafters and help me take down all the tomato cages, beans poles, etc. and help with stage one vegetable garden cleanup. And since he has to come back at the end of the week to put the boxes back on the rafters, do some painting and finish up some other fixes, I promised to have the tree decorated by then. Soaping will have to wait an other couple of days which is fine, because I have an order coming with something to help harden my soft formula soap in these silicone molds, so I don't mangle any more bars.


  1. I like the pink soaps. It is my understanding that people use the titanium to make soaps whiter. I like the color I have seen with the pink french clay, sort of a mauve/rose. We are enjoying using all the soaps I made, your family will have some nice Christmas gifts I bet!

  2. The Titanium in a large quantity can make some soaps go a yellow or maybe even a yellow orange. I saw a photo the other day of one soap like that. So I put less in this batch; but then was told that it can mute colors. I used the rose clay in the amount suggested, but as you can see, it came out super pale.
    Cant wait to do another one Some great fragrances arrived yesterday so I may just try one of them in some of the melt and pour I have on hand. I can do that in the kitchen. It wont be anything fancy unless I can find a way to do a melt and pour swirl in a pound of soap! I'm thinking of doing a brown, black and white swirl with the Egyptian Musk for the men of the family. That oil smells incredible. Men will love it and I'd would use it myself. :-)