Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow and icy conditions

It's looks like it may be another woman/man plans and God laughs day!

Went to the studio at 7am to get cones for the little electric test kiln, and when I went into the kiln room/aka garage, it was like an ice box. Seems that Jim didn't quite close the door yesterday and it flew open overnight. It was around 20 degrees outside and in!

With the light snow cover over an icy driveway, and snow continuing, Jim doesn't want to take the car out of there today, so I'm hoping it will have warmed up enough in another half hour or so I can get some of those tiles out out of the test gas kiln and into the electric kiln.

The kiln is up against one of my large industrial shelving units and the car is too close to the kiln to allow me to fully open the lid. This may be an exercise in futility today. Oh well, there are always plenty of things for me to do both in the house and the studio.

After our buckwheat pancake breakfast I'll head out to the kiln room and see if I move the kiln out enough to open the lid and access those tiles. If not, I'll weigh out a few cone 6 soda liner glazes that which I'll have room for once I remove some of the flashing slip re-fires in the gas kiln.


  1. Gerry and I used to talk about moving to the mountains when we retired, until I started reading your blog! I just don't think this beach girl is tough enough for that weather you get. Stay warm, eat soup :)

  2. Actually, it's much better out there now. Some of that icy stuff under the snow has disappeared and we can actually see the driveway. The kiln room has warmed and I loaded the little test kiln and turned it on.
    We don't get super heavy snowfalls at our altitude. With global warming, it has definitely changed the weather here. Our planting zone is even one number higher now. I think the most snow we had was about 2 or 3 years ago when we measured 15". Most of the time it's just a few inches that we can drive through. At higher altitudes they do get more but at our 2600 or so elevation it's usually only enough to make it pretty.

  3. Hmmmm, that doesn't sound too bad, but I had lunch outside today with a friend,not even a jacket on, I love our warm days here in the winter. Of course my husband loves the cold and the snow!
    It is sort of scary that your zone for planting is changing though isn't it?

  4. We're zone 6B now and I can even grow some of the zone 7 plants if I put them in a bit of a protected area. I guess global warming has to have some benefits!