Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Clayart archves now available

 A new page for Clayart archives is now available:

This archive, unlike the old one separates the years. My preference is the old one which has all glaze recipes, and like related subjects in files. This archive will require a lot more time to search for information unless you know which year, of at least 15 years archived, to check.

Finally got to the right medical office yesterday after months of being shifted from one doctor to another; and on the 23rd I go in for a endoscopy procedure to hopefully fix this problem, of my lower esophagus that has pretty well closed as a result of last years para esophageal surgery. Now that that problem is set to be taken care of, I now need to get started on getting another hip replacement, hoping I can do that in March.

This hip has suddenly gone south and I now have the cane nearby all the time. Yesterday Jim noted that most of the entries in our calendar these days are medically related! Old age is certainly interesting time.

Once they patch up this body, it should be in time to be garden and studio ready. One can hope!


  1. Hi June,
    I think that the doctors do well out of us as we wear out! My New Zealand dentist went for a skiing holiday in Colorado one year, which I feel sure my teeth made possible for him!
    Anyway, hope that the procedure on the 23rd goes well for you, and life gets a lot better.
    Regarding your Shambhala Pottery web site, I am finding that the link to that takes me to something called "webmonster"... and I am not sure what has happened there. I have greatly appreciated your own archive of glaze recipes on that site and hope it is not lost.
    Kind Thoughts, P

  2. I doubt a little thing like a hip is going to keep you down:)
    best of luck with all the medicals, seems like the body is always needing something. Right now my body needs new teeth! Like Peter, my visit next week will probably buy my dentist a ski holiday,ha.

  3. Peter, I don't have a web site any more. The old server stopped supporting my web software and the free software they offered was very limited. Down the line, I might get another free site up that will let me use my old Front Page software, that will still be there once I leave the planet.

  4. In the past 5 years a lot of doctors have taken vacations on us! LOL Tracey, so far our teeth are doing OK - no broken crowns or anything major for several years. Guess our dentist won't be able to count on us for a dream vacation this year!