Friday, June 13, 2014

Very good Nick Joerling video clip

I'm a big fan of Nick's work - just love those animated forms. In this little video clip from his new DVD, he demonstrates how he achieves some of that lovely movement in his work.

Gardening has still been consuming so much of my day. Yesterday my garden day started before breakfast and didn't end till after 9pm. Part of the day was spent traveling back and forth (twice yesterday), to our son and daughter-in-laws place, which is 50 minute round trip.  Today will be a much easier day since I only have to hand water and do feeding only in my garden.

There's a really bad fungus on the tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers and squash in both gardens. In my 50 years of vegetable gardening I've never seen anything like this. I've been pulling off the affected leaves as much as possible and spraying every 7 days with copper solution. Thanks to mercury retrograde the motorized Green Gorilla sprayer just decided to quit and no amount of checking and cleaning got it to work other than by hand pumping and even that has been sporadic. I'm very tired today!

After morning gardening, cooking, feeding my sourdough starter which is long overdue, ordering some vitamins, etc. I'll start on some early dinner prep. I harvested some of the late season lettuce yesterday so tonight I'll be making salad Nicoise for dinner. It's one of our favorite warm weather dinners.

The rest of the day is going to be to rest, and explore Wordpress and see if I can find out some of the more subtle or hidden controls to be able to create a web site I'd be happy with. My first effort proved frustrating. Unlike BlogSpot, they have very few free template choices and their editing choices also seem limited. If it doesn't get any better with more exploration it might be time for me to learn html or just find a host that will support my old Frontpage created web site, or just forget about a web site. I'm retired, so why in the world am I even bothering with this! 


  1. Thanks for sharing June.It is amazing what he can do with that clay.I kept waiting for it to buckle and tear itself to pieces but it never did

  2. Pretty sure timing of the clay's consistency is something he has down pat..

  3. I had the pleasure of watching a live Nick Joerling workshop a few years back. It's enchanting watching him bring pots to life! Good luck with your webpage software search. It sure can be frustrating.

  4. Hey June, I've been reading a little bit about your search for new web software. I'm a big fan of WordPress but it takes a little while to get it all figured out. Maybe by now you have... or maybe you've moved on to something else!
    If you are looking for more free templates (or "themes" for wordpress you can find a bunch here:
    You just have to get the theme that you want uploaded to your site.
    And you said you liked the theme that Jeff used. It looks like he used the Twenty Fourteen theme which I think is one that comes packaged with worpress itself. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help if I can.

  5. Thanks so much for that Brandon. I'll make a note of that theme and that URL with the other templates. I haven't had time this week to pursue it further (too much else to deal with in the house, garden and now the studio). I will have to check it out in the next couple of weeks because I have to make a decision about continuing with a web site. Thanks so much for this information. My first effort at trying to understand wordpress was filled with frustrations because it didn't seem very flexible, at least with the free parts.